Kevin McShane


  • 15+ years experience in digital media and creative production
  • 7+ years of high-level leadership at a major media company
  • 1.5+ billion total views across 400+ short- and medium-form videos on all major platforms, including Hulu, YouTube, and TikTok
  • Expert-level, full-stack video production experience – from development and production to post and publishing

Experience (Full CV & references available upon request)

BuzzFeed, Inc.

Executive Video Producer, Development (2019-2023)

  • Determining editorial agenda for BuzzFeedVideo YouTube channel (20M subscribers)
  • Driving R&D for new channels and live brand activations
  • Showrunning weekly live challenge channel “The Blammo Network”
  • Managing a diverse team of junior producers, DPs, and editors across multiple brands

Supervising Video Producer, Development (2017–2019)

  • Creating, showrunning, and directing several of BuzzFeed’s most successful series, including “I Draw, You Cook”; “Draw-Off”; and “Mom In Progress”
  • Piloting and optimizing new video series
  • Mentoring junior producers and creating systems to preserve and share institutional knowledge

Senior Video Producer, Scripted & Unscripted (2015–2017)

  • Creating, showrunning, and directing several multi-platform series, including “Weird Things Couples Do”; “Colleagues”; and “Wine Mom”
  • Developing and leading a creative production workshop series for junior producers
  • Directing and collaborating with celebrity guests

Video Producer (2013–2015)

  • Writing, producing, directing, and editing 200+ short- and medium-form scripted and unscripted videos
  • Analyzing engagement data to make content decisions and optimize formats
Segment Producer
Vuguru, Inc.
  • Setting editorial agenda for weekly YouTube programming
  • Writing, editing, producing and hosting 60+ segments of the pop culture news show “Mask & Cape”
Video Producer / Editor
Lobrau Productions, Inc.
  • Freelance video producing, editing, graphic design, web design, illustration, and photography
Interactive Designer
Next Exit Creative
  • Interface design and production (including animation and scripting)
  • Packaging design, pre-flighting, and production
  • Mastering, quality control, and testing


  • Production: In-studio and on-location; DSLR and professional cameras; sub-1K lighting packages; multi-track production sound mixing; live camera switching
  • Post-Production: Media ingest, sync and prep; editing; sound mixing, SFX, and finishing; web and broadcast mastering and distribution
  • Cartooning & Animation: 30+ years as a self-publishing comic artist (both web and print); digital animation, storyboarding, and character design
  • Podcasting: Recording talent, editing, mixing, and distribution for “The Lusty Horde” podcast
  • Interpersonal: Strong organizational and communication skills; emotionally intelligent communication style
  • Other: Illustration; commercial photography; front-end web development


Master of Fine Arts in Film Production

Florida State University

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Related Art Production

Oberlin College


  • Student Emmy Award (winner) – Comedy, 2003
  • Student Academy Award (nomination) – Narrative, 2003