About me:
I spent 2 years drawing 100 self-portraits in 100 different animation styles
Cartoon Kevin
I also wrote, drew, and published my own comic book series Toupydoops through my publishing company Lobrau Productions, Inc.
I illustrated a series of funny valentine eCards for AwkwardValentines.com
Awkward Valentines
And for $5, I’ll draw a bad caricature of you along with a written apology.
Bad Caricatures
I’m currently a Supervising Producer at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. Here are some of my greatest hits:
From print to screen and all in-between, I do it all. Check out my portfolio:
Kevin McShane Design
I’ve been performing and teaching improv for over fifteen years in theaters across the nation. Here’s some of the groups I’ve performed with:
The Lusty Horde
Trophy Wife
Middle Seat Improv
I am an alumni of the Florida State University Graduate Film School with two Student Emmys and a Student Academy Award nomination. One of these days I’ll put my student films up here.
I’m a commercial photographer with over 10 years of professional retouching experience. Check out my online portfolio:
Kevin McShane Photography
Or my Flickr photostream:

and a dozen other things that won’t impress you either.

(And yes, I am Fake Stan Lee)

I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and even MySpace – if you’re into the whole social networking thing.

And I occasionally post artwork, process sketches, and dumb little essays to my Tumblr blog.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a rich and full-bodied day,