About me:

I’m a cartoonist,
I spent 2 years drawing 100 self-portraits in 100 different animation styles
Cartoon Kevin

I also write, draw, and publish my own comic book series Toupydoops through my publishing company Lobrau Productions, Inc.

and I illustrate a series of funny valentine eCards for AwkwardValentines.com
Awkward Valentines

a designer,
From print to screen and all in-between, I do it all. Check out my portfolio:
McShane Design
a host,
I’m co-host of Mask & Cape, the comics and pop culture news show on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube channel. Here’s a good episode:
an actor,
I’m repped by Rogers Orion. Here’s my reel:
a voice over artist,
I’m the voice of Pee Pee, the guinea pig on the left, in the online cartoon series The Roadents
an improviser,
I’ve been performing and teaching improv for over ten years in theaters across the nation. Here’s some of the groups I’m currently performing with:
Trophy Wife
Middle Seat

The Lusty Horde

a filmmaker,

I’m currently the Head Producer in the Scripted Department at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. Click here to see all the videos I’ve made thus far.

I’ve won several Student Emmys for my work in front of and behind the camera. Check out some of my short films:

Shorts will return soon (after re-encoding)

a photographer,
I’m a commercial photographer with over 8 years of professional retouching experience. Check out my online portfolio:
Kevin McShane Photography

Or my Flickr photostream:
and a dozen other things that won’t impress you either.

(And yes, I am Fake Stan Lee)

Feel free to take a look around.
If you want to get in touch with me, here’s how:

I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and even MySpace – if you’re into the whole social networking thing.

And I occasionally post artwork, process sketches, and dumb little essays to my Tumblr blog.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a rich and full-bodied day,